Easy context menu
Easy Context menu is a very extended version of BlueLife ContextMenu, and we have changed the name from BlueLife ContextMenu to Easy Context menu , it is a small but effective application and include useful tweaks for the Desktop, My Computer , Drives , File and folder context menus.It helps in accessing most used windows components quickly and easily.You just need to right-click on Desktop , My Computer , Drives , File and folders and click on the desired component shortcut to launch it , It is a Portable Freeware Application.

Easy Context menu v1.2 What is New – (06.03.2014)
[Fixed] – Some minor Bugs and code improvements
[Fixed] – Restart explorer doesn’t work properly
[Fixed] – Take ownership doesn’t work on Windows xp x64
[Added] – Block in windows Firewall / Remove from windows Firewall success message added
[Added] – Block Mouse And Keyboard
[Added] – Open Cmd Here as Admin
[Added] – Change Icon
[Added] – Block Access
[Added] – Copy Text Contents
[Added] – Run with Parameters

How to use : Run it and select one/some/all of the Context Menu Item/s then use Apply changes button

Ec Menu apply changes

Easy Context menu has seven Titles: (that mean you have seven Options)
1. Desktop Context Menu
2. My Computer Context Menu
3. Drives Context Menu
4. Folder Context Menu
5. File Context Menu
6. System tools sub menu
7. Turn Off Computer sub menu

How To select all Items under a Title

1. Click the titel (all items under the titel will be selected) – for example; “File context menu”
2. Then click “State Title”

EC menu select all items under a titel

It includes all of the sordum’s small tools ; Delete Temporary Files , Restart Windows Explorer , Show or Hide Hidden Files and Folders , Show or Hide File Extensions , Rebuild Shell Icon Cache , Select All Files , Copy IP , Reduce Memory ,Fix Print Spooler , Take Ownership (It has no UAC problem and It works on Windows Xp too).
You can use icons on context menu (Icon enable) or you can choose “No icon” option (Icon disabled) , to do it just right click one of the Items and use “Use Icon” or “No Icon” options.

Ec menu right click menu

In the same menu you can enable Shift button , you can arrange Icon positions (Top , middle , bottom) or you can Jump to the registry key.

Block a Program through windows firewall

1. add appropriate File context menu items
2. Right click any Application and use “block in windows firewall”
if you want to remove blocked Application just use “Remove from Windows Firewall” Option

block in windows firewall

Run programs with limited privileges

If UAC is disabled and there is no other account , it is problematic to test a Application with limited privilleges , that is the reason why we add “Run as Limited user” option under the “Run with Parameters” , to use it : just add “Run with Parameters” option to the context menu , right click any Application and choose “Run with Parameters” if UAC is disabled you can see the option “Run as limited user”

Run with limited privileges

Supported operating systems: Windows Xp (partly), Windows Vista , Windows 7 , Windows 8 , Windows 8.1 – (x86 & x64)
Supported languages: English , Turkish , German , Simplified Chinese , Japanese , Russian , French , Romanian , Persian , Vietnamese , Bulgarian , Spanish , Korean , Polish , Greek , Italian , Ukrainian , Traditional Chinese , French , Portuguese (Br) , Hungarian

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