Easy context menu
Easy Context Menu enables you to add a variety of useful commands and tweaks for the Desktop, My Computer, Drives ,File and folder context menus. It helps in accessing most used windows components quickly and easily , it doesn’t get much easier than to check some boxes and set up what you want or use a lot in the context menu just click on the desired component shortcut to launch it , Easy Context Menu is a Portable Freeware Application.

(Wednesday, 07. January 2015)

[Fixed] – File location parameter error (in Items.ini) – Critical
[Fixed] – List Editor’s Item rename Bug
[Fixed] – List Editor’s Icon selection Bug
[Fixed] – If you add a folder/file… (whose icon changed) to your context menu, Ec menu doesn’t recognize folder’s icon

How to use : Run it and select one/some/all of the Context Menu Item/s then use Apply changes button

easy context menu main

Easy Context menu has seven Titles: (that mean you have seven Options)
1. Desktop Context Menu
2. My Computer Context Menu
3. Drives Context Menu
4. Folder Context Menu
5. File Context Menu
6. System tools sub menu
7. Turn Off Computer sub menu

It includes all of the sordum’s small tools ; Delete Temporary Files , Restart Windows Explorer , Show or Hide Hidden Files and Folders , Show or Hide File Extensions , Rebuild Shell Icon Cache , Select All Files , Copy IP , Reduce Memory ,Fix Print Spooler , Take Ownership (It has no UAC problem and It works on Windows Xp too). You can use icons on context menu Items (enable Icon) or you can untick enable Icon checkbox to use them without Icon – just right click one of the Items and customize your choice

easy context menu items

In the same menu you can enable Shift button , you can arrange Icon positions (Top , middle , bottom) or you can Jump to the registry key.

Add any program to your context menu

With Easy Context menu it is very easy to add any program to your right click menu ;
1. Open List editor
2. Drag and drop desired Program on it

easy context menu list editor main

3. Use save changes button and Close the List editor
4. Now you must see the newly added program icon on the main program GUI , just select it and use “Apply changes” button

How to Clean the Right-Click Menu

The context menu is often misused by software vendors They keep adding useless options to that menu without asking , you can use Easy Context menu’s new Context menu cleaner feature to remove all the unnecessary entries that you no longer need.

context  menu cleaner

Just select one of the useless entry and use delete Button to remove it from your right click menu that’s all

Block a Program through windows firewall

1. add appropriate File context menu items
2. Right click any Application and use “block in windows firewall”
if you want to remove blocked Application just use “Remove from Windows Firewall” Option

block in windows firewall

Supported operating systems: Windows Xp (partly), Windows Vista , Windows 7 , Windows 8 , Windows 8.1 – (x86 & x64)
Supported languages: English , Turkish , German , Italian , Vietnamese , Russian , Polish , Korean , Spanish , Hungarian , Chinese (Simplified) , Chinese (Traditional) , French , Japanese , Portuguese-Br , Greek , Danish , Dutch , Persian , Ukrainian

Eula License for our Freware Softpedia editor very good i love free software  review Easy Context Menu - 5 Sterne @ GIGA.de

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File: EcMenu.exeVirustotal
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