Registry Key Jumper v1.1

Registry Key Jumper

Registry is the heart of the windows operating system and modifying the Registry is not easy but sometimes is necessary , such as you may want to make a customization or repair a registry key or just want to use a Registry trick that you need , Registry Key Jumper simplifies the navigation of your registry , it is a Portable Freeware Application

Registry Key Jumper mein menu

Registry Key Jumper v1.1(17.01.2014)
[Added] – Language support
[Added] – Context menu option
[Fixed] – Jump codes fixed and improved now it is faster
[Fixed] – Some minor Bugs

How it works:
Download and run RegJump.exe then Select any Registry key (You don’t have to copy it, just select) and click Ctrl + Alt + X , registry key location will be opened automatically , If you copy all the text including a registry key , Registry Key Jumper automatically eliminate the text and will open the registry key locatin.
Example: Copy the following registry key and click the JUmp button
if you copy following registry key , and click Ctrl + Alt + X
Registry Key Jumper will utomatically open the correct key

1. There is a favorite Registry key list , you can add a new key or delete one of them (just right click)

Registry Key Jumper right Click menu

2. You can easily Import – Export the registry key list or you can export it as HTML

Registry key jumper file menu

3. To modify the registry Key list you can use the List menü too , plus you can search a Registry key or create a Desktop Shortcut

Registry key Jumper List menu

4. You can reach the Options under the Settings menu ,  here  you can use “Always On top” or “Hide Windows on Startup”  usw.  options too

Registry key jumper Settings Menu

5. If you Click the Options menu (Under the Settings) , you will see “Registry Editor Options” you can modify any of them or you can change the Jump hotkeys. it supports many other Registry editors (Not Only regedit) , to change default registry editor go to Settings > Options and Apply the Appropriate settings

Registry key Jumper Options Menu

6. If you Right click Registry Key Jumper’s system tray icon you will reach the following options

Registry Key Jumper on System Tray

If you need a Freeware tool to Quickly open any Registry key you will like “Registry Key Jumper”

Supported systems: Windows 10 , Windows 8.1 , Windows 8 , Windows 7 , Windows Vista , Winsows Xp – (both x86 and x64)
Supported languages: English , Turkish , German , Swedish , Persian , Polish , Greek , Português (Brasil) – Translator : Pedro Gabriel Schneider , Korean , Russian , Vietnamese , Hungarian , French

Eula license for our frewaremajorgeeks

File: RegJump_x64.exe │ Virus Total Report
MD5: 55addde03f12a9eb35cdb65637e317b8
SHA1: 616600ca1d2e613f58df1286ebaf9b487f9ba868

File: RegJump.exe │ Virus Total Report
MD5: 9bdb6cf9fde17b39bbf6fe3d10ba0195
SHA1: fd086c40d337dbabfeebc281beaad71af8afbc64



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