Simple run blocker
Sometimes it is necessary to prevent children from using specific programs , of course there are ways to do that but not as simple as drag and drop “Simple Run Blocker” is Portable freeware to simplify the blocking process and it allows you to add EXE files by simply using drag and drop then the executables will be automatically blocked ,it has another useful function too , called “Block all except the list” it is like “Kiosk mode” and blocks almost everything except your listed Applications,

What is New (25.09.2014)
1. [ Added ] – Translate GUI
2. [ Added ] - Some minor code improvements

How to use:
1. Open “Simple Run Blocker” and choose Applications to Block , you can add them via Drag and drop or you can use Add button (Green Plus)

Simple run blocker add App

2. After making a list , use “save settings” button

Simple run blocker apply button

To delete listed Applications you can use “Delete button” or just use delete key on your Keyboard , to select all listed items press “Shift” button select first listed item and use “End” button or Down Arrow button, after that use Delete Button to delete all listed items , Finally don’t forget to use “save settings” button. Or you can use Keyboard shortcuts:

Tab = Switch between buttons
Del = Delete selected items
Ctrl + a = Select all listed items
Ctrl + v = Add clipboard items to the list
F1 = About screen

Simple run blocker select all

You can use Simple Run Blocker’s Kiosk mode function too , just use drop down menu and choose “Block All except the list below”

Simple run blocker choose

This time you should make a exception list (Unblocked Applications) , if you need to restart Windows explorer , you can use Options menu.

How to protect or restrict access to a drive
You can hide / Lock Drives easily , to do that; choose Options > Hide or Lock Drives ,

Simple run blocker hide or lock a drive

after that you can select a drive and action (hide or Lock derives) , Of course you can do it for a particular windows user too (just use this feature under a restricted User)

hide or lock a drive screen

NOTE : To hide drives effectively on Windows 7 or Above ; After using “Apply changes” button you must use “Restart windows explorer” function too.
Please unzip Simple Run blocker first and then run it , if you run it without unzip and use “Block All except the list below” feature , you may not unblock programs (temporarily) , if you are in such situation please download RunBlock.exe and run it from Usb stick.

Compatibility: Windows Xp , Windows Vista , Windows 7 , Windows 8 , Windows 8.1 (both x86 and x64)
Supported Languages: English , Turkish , German , Arabic , Chinese (Simplified) , Russian , Vietnamese , Korean , Japanese , Romanian , French , Greek , Portuguese (Brazil) , Persian , Traditional Chinese , Hungarian , Swedish , Italian , Spanish , Polish , Uyghur

Eula License for our Freware Simple Run Blocker is clean

CRC32: a62008b9
SHA1: 17898bd528a972552df1b0ef0dbdfe3ce5c1b402
MD5: 84025d714e37851eb2d85a622181bda0

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