SendTo Menu Editor v1.1

Sendto Menu Editor
The Windows ‘Send to’ menu is a handy way of sending a file to a specific folder, application, or other item. You can use it to send, copy, or print an individual file to a specific location, device, application, or other item , If you want to add your own app or folder to the Send to menu or if you want to delete some of the Unnecessary items in it you can tweak the Send to menu to suit your needs. Open File Explorer in Windows Right click on a file and From the pop-up menu, move your mouse to the Send to command , Click on a specific entry. The file you click on is then sent to the entry you select.

If you want to add your own app or folder to the Send to menu, it’s very simple: Just open the Run dialog box by pressing Win+R, then paste shell:sendto command into the text box. This will open the folder where all those shortcuts located. Alternatively, you can navigate to following folder location
But you can simplify the whole process with the “Send To Menu Editor” is a portable freeware which helps users manage the shortcuts present in the Windows “Send To” Menu.

How to use

After downloading, extract “SendTo Menu Editor” to your desired location and run Appropriate one (x64 or x86)

sendto menu editor main

On GUI you will see all of the send to Menu items , to add a new one use plus icon or just drag and drop it on main window. If you use Add Button you can edit Shortcut name , you can use a Shortcut Parameter or change the Shortcut Icon.

Add shortcut optipns

To delete a Send To Menu item use delete icon or right click any listed item and choose “Delete From menu” feature

delete from menu

To hide any item in The send to menu untick it. If you want to remove Send to menu completely use Options – Remove SendTo menu choice , you can also hide all of the Dirves by using “No Drives in SendTo menu”

Remove sendto menu

Supported operating systems: Windows 11 , Windows 10, Windows 8.1 , Windows 8 , Windows 7 , Windos Vista ,Windows XP (32\64-bit).

Supported languages: English , Turkish , German , Korean , French , Russian , Arabic , Greek , Slovenian , Spanish , Portuguese Brasil , Vietnamese , Indonesian , Chinese , Polish, Hungarian , Japanese , Italian , Dutch (Nederlands) , Persian , Romanian , Ukrainian , Hebrew

Eula license for our freware

File: SendToEditor_x64.exe │ Virustotal
MD5: e8c0c3c1a994689e2adaf05a05d07500
SHA1: c6ff21cd89db837dbcf759dc66813da23746cb47

File: SendToEditor.exe │ Virustotal
MD5: 77ff27aafff02a2d20d8ec057a6c45a2
SHA1: 0d82fb9e4b518dd52532301661d15dd16747c7f6



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