BlueLife KeyFreeze v1.4 (Block keyboard and mouse)

KeyFreeze is a FREE Windows application that blocks your keyboard and mouse without “locking” the screen. So your kids can safely watch a cartoon or have a videochat with their grandparents and bang the keyboard as much as they want. You can block keyboard and Mouse separately or together

BlueLife KeyFreeze v1.4
[Fixed] – When the position of the taskbar changes, info popup doesn’t appear
[Fixed] – CPU usage reduced
[Fixed] – Some Minor Bugs

How to use:
After downloading, extract the zip file to your desired location, then double click the Keyfreeze icon to run it. A countdown popup message will appear just above the taskbar.

keyfreeze countdown popup

If you wish to stop the countdown, click the ‘X’ in the top right corner. If the countdown expires, your mouse and keyboard will be locked. To unlock them again, use the keyboard shortcut “Ctrl+Alt+F

keyfreeze unlock popup

You can right click the Keyfreeze icon in the System Tray to see more options. For example, you can lock the mouse or keyboard with a single click.

keyfreeze menu

You can customize settings by selecting ‘Options’. There you can change the lock/unlock keyboard shortcut, disable sounds and popup windows, allow mouse movement, and other settings.

keyfreeze options

Supported Operating Systems: Windows 11 , Windows 10 , Windows 8.1 , Windows 8 , Windows 7 , Windows Vista , Winsows xp – (both x86 and x64)

Supported Languages: English , Arabic , Czech , Chinese (Simplified) , Chinese (Traditional) , French , Finnish, German , Greek , Hungarian , Italian , Indonesian , Japanese , Korean , Polish , Portuguese , Russian , Spanish , Slovenian , Turkish , Ukrainian , Vietnamese , Dutch , Persian , Bulgarian , Hebrew , Romanian

Eula license for our frewarei love free softwareKeyfreeze - 5 Sterne @

File: KeyFreeze_x64.exeVirustotal
Updated : February 27, 2017
MD5: e15fba7ccf9b7a68ddb26338e313a1b9
SHA-1: d4d3b5ebb77241510e3714adc742e0c34e4adb27

File: KeyFreeze.exeVirustotal
Updated : February 27, 2017
MD5: d86311df3410d801f595dfa0956cf47a
SHA1: 86441eb3e00f2f67984492f633941439e2fb8299



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