AskAdmin v1.9

Do you wish to restrict some users from accessing certain programs, services, and files on a computer? With AskAdmin, you can simply block access to chosen applications, files, and folder contents. AskAdmin can block most any resource on your computer, including Microsoft Store, Microsoft EDGE, Google Chrome, Skype, built-in apps (e.g. UWP), CMD & BAT files/scripts, reg data and more. To further prevent access to blocked items, AskAdmin provides an optional password. AskAdmin is a portable application that is ideal for those with children, and for business computers.

What is New (Tuesday, 11 January 2022)

1. [ FIXED ] – Ask Admin does not hide the password when assigning a password
2. [ FIXED ] – The font in the main interface is too small
3. [ ADDED ] – Many minor fixes (improvements) in coding

How to use it
There are two ways to create a block list:
1. The easiest way is to drag and drop Application/s, a Folder/s or a File/s you wish to block to the AskAdmin interface. If you wish, you can drag several applications on GUI  at once.

Ask admin drag and drop

2. Click the ‘Add File’ button (Plus icon) browse to the application you wish to block.

How to block an Application a Folder or a File
if an Application , Folder or File name is on the list , mean: it is Automotically blocked (Folder inhalt will be blocked not folder itself) , but on some cases you should use the “Restart” buton (Guarantee) , if you accidentally block any windows System file this can cause system crash therefore we have tried to prevent it,after that you can use the safe mode to unblock the file

locked by AskAdmin

How to unblock an application , a Folder or a File
You can unblock a single application/Folder/File, or you can simultaneously unblock all of them

a) Untick an Application , a Folder or a File name
b) Delete the Application , Folder or File name (Edit > Delete or Right click > Delete)

AskAdmin untick = unblock

If the block does not seem to be work, you may need to restart Windows Explorer. To do so, click the Options menu, then select “Restart Windows Explorer” or use last icon for registered users. AskAdmin uses a hash security method, therefore it is useless to change the restricted application`s exe name and try to run it , you can not break the Restriction with gpedit.msc or anything else.

Block Build-in (UWP) Applications
Metro apps are touch-screen-friendly apps , users call them as Windows Apps , Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps or Microsoft Store Apps , for example ; Microsoft EDGE , Calculator , Microsoft sticky notes … AskAdmin can block any of them.

1. Click , Extras – Block Build-in (UWP) Apps , you can Also block Microsoft store

Block Build-in (UWP) Apps

2. Choose One / Some of the Windows Apps with help of the Ctrl Key and finally press the “Block Selected Items” Button (At the bottom)

Build-in (UWP) Apps selet list

Block Windows Components
You may want to block some of the Windows components like Task manager , Registry editor usw. To block them choose “Block Windows Components (Samples)” under the Extras Menu

Block Windows components

You can add your own Windows components under this menu via editing “AskAdmin.ini” file , just Add them in proper format

You can save (export) the Block (Ban) list
If you are a system administrator and created a list that include dozen of Application or you just Blocked many Applications and want to save the list use “Export list” button (upward pointing arrow)

AskAdmin expor the list feature

Your saved list name will include the current date automatically but of course you can give it another name

You can Load (import) the Ban list
You can use your saved list any time on any Windows Pc , just use “Import List” Button (Downward Pointing Arrow)

AskAdmin import list

You can Use “Password button” to protect your AskAdmin Application (For Registered Users). If you choose block Applications with your Right click menu , just use Options – Add AskAdmin to the context menu.

AskAdmin is a Freemium Applicaiton: Freemium is a combination of the words “free” and “premium” used to describe a business model that offers both free and premium services. The freemium business model works by offering simple and basic services for free for the user to try and more advanced or additional features at a premium. For the Premium features please look at the downloaded help file.

Note: If you use AskAdmin’s “Restart Windows Explorer” feature (under Options menu or last icon for registered users), Windows explorer will launch with administrative privileges (on NT6 systems and if UAC is enabled)

Supported Operating Systems: Windows 11 (Partially) , Windows 10 , Windows 8.1 , Windows 8 , Windows 7 , Windows Vista , Winsows Xp – (both x86 and x64)

Supported languages: English ,Turkish , German , Russian , French , Persian , Japanese , Polish , Chinese , Swedish , Vietnamese , Portuguese (Brazilian), Slovenian , Korean , Hebrew , Spanish , Arabic , Hindī , Greek , Dutch (Nederlands), Slovak , Armenian , Hungarian , Italian , Galician , Urdu , Croatian , Bulgarian , Danish , Norwegian , Ukrainian , Romanian ,Latvian

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SHA1: d1f3ca0fbc1585724a6c6d8835d19faba12c28bf



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