Bpuzzle v1.1

bPuzzle is a simple game, played by moving puzzle pieces around. Drag and drop an image of your choice onto the main window, and study it carefully. bPuzzle will then cut the image into tiles and rearrange them . Your challenge is sliding the pieces to restore them back to the original

Bpuzzle v1.1 Changelog  (21.01.1014)
1. [Added] – Arrow key support (allowing you to play the game using the arrow keys on your keyboard)
2. [Fixed] – Some minor Bugs
3. [Fixed] – Anti-virus false positive issue

How to Play:

1. Extract the ZIP to the location of your choice, and run bpuzzle.exe.
2. Add an image file of your choice, by drag and drop or using the File menu

bpuzzle how to play

You can add pictures of any size dimension, but the default image size is 640×480.

bpuzzle start the game

3. Click the OK button to start the game, and use your mouse or keyboard to move the pieces

bpuzzle start the game stage

The status bar at the bottom of the window shows your number of moves, time played in the current game, and difficulty level. The Options menu allows you to change the difficulty and to select your Language.

bpuzzle options

have fun

Supported languages: English , Turkish , German , Swedish , Persian , Arabic , Spanish , Polish , Greek , Vietnamese , Portuguese (Br) , Hungarian , Korean , French , Simplified Chinese , Traditional Chinese , Russian , Slovenian , Indonesian

Supported Operating Systems: Windows 10 , Windows 8.1 , Windows 8 , Windows 7 , Windows Vista , Winsows Xp – (both x86 and x64)

Eula license for our frewareVirus total clean report freeware.de rating

File: bPuzzle.exe
MD5 : 9e903fb24406b2b1fa380714a028f30d
SHA1: 4099887b4c357cb3f50daad04b5bc5f9c92ebe9c



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