BlueLife Hosts Editor v1.5

Bluelife hostst editor is a Portable freeware
when you type a domain name in your browser that you wish to connect to, your application must first convert it to an IP address that it will use to connect to.The way these hostnames are resolved to their mapped IP address is called Domain Name Resolution. On almost all operating systems whether they be Apple, Linux, Unix, Netware, or Windows the majority of resolutions from domain names to IP addresses are done through a procedure called DNS. DNS stands for Domain Name System and is the standard domain name resolution service used on the Internet , There is another way to resolve domain names without using the Domain Name System, and that is by using your HOSTS file. Almost every operating system that communicates via TCP/IP, the standard of communication on the Internet, has a file called the HOSTS file. This file allows you to create mappings between domain names and IP addresses Another way to think of a hosts file is as an address translator and redirector.

What is New (Freitag, 26. Mai 2023)

1. [ Fixed ] – The mouse cursor appears incorrectly on the scroll bar in the text view feature
2. [ Fixed ] – Add exclusions to Windows Defender feature doesn’t work
3. [ Added ] – Some code Improvements

Bluelife hosts editör is a Portable Freeware hosts-file editor and Allows you to easily add/delete , Block , Update domain names to your hosts file , Simply type the hostname you wish to add in the first box and Select resolve domain names from the drop down menu then add in to the list with plus button

bluelife hosts editor main gui

Finally use Save button (green button), if you want to Block a domain name you must select the appropriate option from the drop-down menu then use Save button , you can also use the right click menu to block , unblock … domain names on the list.

Bluelife hostst editor right click menu

In some cases, windows can reset “Hosts” file to default state because of the Protection, you may need to use File – Hosts File – Add Exclusions to Windows Defender feature to avoid it. If you want to add a different “hosts” file to your system, you can use the File – Import List feature.

Add hosts file to the defender exclusion list

You can use the “Examples” menu to easily block some of the social media Web Pages like Facebook,Twitter or Youtube, Under the edit menu, you will find ; Delete dublicate hosts names, Delete comments,Delete Emty Lines,Incorrect Lines and replace IP with – or vice versa features.

bluelife hosts editor edit menu

BlueLife Hosts editor has also Command Line Parameters support

bluelife hosts editor cmd parameter support

Compatibility: Windows 11 , Windows 10 , Windows 8.1 , Windows 8 , Windows 7 , Windows Vista , Winsows Xp – (both x86 and x64)

Supported Languages: English , Turkish , German , French , Russian , Chinese (Simplified) , Chinese (Traditional) , Italian , Dutch (Nederlands) , Greek , Persian , Portuguese , Polish , Hebrew , Romanian , Hungarian , Spanish , Korean , Vietnamese , Ukrainian , Lithuanian , Arabic

Eula license for our freware

File: hEdit_x64.exeVirustotal
MD5: 64d16681ea5d53045b69d3fc92c3cee4
SHA1: b874d6ab2bdf7fe25fcc8fa69759aebee6eda4bf

File: hEdit.exeVirustotal
MD5: f9a7f043be9127c42989823cc871c0cb
SHA1: 9ddbf00c4151ac02fe2ebd59ba6803f1ecf17dd2



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