Temp Cleaner v1.2

Temp Cleaner

To keep your PC in good working order, it’s important to ensure that any clutter and unused files are removed on a regular basis , Temporary files are stored on the hard drive and they can fill up your TEMP folders , Regular maintenance can help to speed things up and free up a lot of space for that reason we have coded a small tool “Temp Cleaner” it can clean up your temp folder easily (just run it)

Temp Cleaner system tray

After Temp Cleaner run it will show the number of the deleted TEMP files and Folders on system tray , if you use TempCleaner.exe with /s parameter it doesn’t show any message on system tray

With your opinion, We can add it extra features and develop it further

Supported operating systems: Windows 10 , Windows 8.1 , Windows 8 , Windows 7 , Windows Vista , Windows Xp – (x86 & x64)

Eula license for our frewareVirus total clean report

Updated : November 20, 2013
File : TempCleaner.exe
Size : 311 KB
MD5 : f982c55eec03a2c690b6687d85ee7ef6
SHA1 : cc6b345b09834ed3e7dc6e712e8fd83cf64d81d8



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