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Block internet with netdisabler
On average, teens spend nine hours a day using media for entertainment – that’s more time than they spend sleeping and far more time than they spend studying. This is why more and more families are looking into ways to block internet access temporarily.But as we all know, it can be hard to give up things that are bad for us, we get home from work but continue to check email, waste time on social networking sites, or stare blankly at a computer for such reason We may want to turn the internet off temporarily.

What is New (Thursday, April 8, 2021)

1.[ADDED] – Language Support
2.[ADDED] – Block with Proxy feature
3.[ADDED] – Enable or Disable Internet via System Tray Icon
4.[ADDED] – Enable / Disable Internet Buttons
5.[ADDED] – Checkbox icons
6.[ADDED] – Open Internet, Hide window on startup and hide when minimized options
7.[FIXED] – GUI letters are too small
8.[FIXED] – It is difficult to remove each box individually when we want to unblock Internet
(In this version You can remove the internet ban without removing the ticks in the boxes)
9.[ADDED] – Some code improvements

The reasons to Completely Disable Internet are varied and many , for example :

1. To prevent programs from calling home or from updating.
2. To prevent your computer from receiving email or social media alerts etc. you could also use it to avoid distractions during work.
3. Disconnecting from the internet can limit the impact of the malware it is a security technique known as an “air gap”. By separating the computer from any network makes it more secure.
4. Internet access can be harmful if employees spend too much time browsing the Internet instead of performing their regular duties…

Technically, you can control internet by running netsh interface command in command prompt window to enable and disable the network connection that has the internet access. But This method can be easily circumvented and does not offer a guarantee. If you want to disable Internet connectivity for some time or on some events, you can easily do it with Net Disabler it is a small portable Freeware tool, you can use it to quickly turn the Internet off or on again.

Net Disabler main

The application displays the current status of the Internet connection in the interface above is on status and below is off

NetDisabler Off status

Usage is very simple,there are 4 Internet blocking methods yo can choose one/all of them or you can use a combination.

1. Disable Network Adapter
2. Block with DNS
4. Block with Proxy
3. Block with Windows firewall

After selecting use Disable Internet button to complete the Operation, to bring the Internet back just use Enable Internet button. Under menu button you can choose your Network Adapers , you can set a password , open Device Manager, Network Connections or Firewall settings

Netdisabler menu

NOTE: If one of the devices is disabled , the status indicator will be off

If you are looking for a tool that allows you to quickly cut off the Internet connection, then “Net Disabler” is offering exactly what you are looking for.

– NetDisabler does not install any service
– NetDisabler Offer 4 Internet blocking methods
– NetDisabler has a password protection feature
– NetDisabler is Portable and freeware Application

To enable or disable internet via taskbar , right click on the Net Disabler taskbar icon and choose appropriate option.

Netdisabler Taskbar icon Properties

If you want to make sure no one will use the internet you can set a password to protect your settings

set a password for net disabler

Net Disabler supports Cmd parameters to list all available parameters use the “Command Line Info” under the Menu button or In a command prompt, running “NetDisabler.exe /?” (no quotes) will list all available parameters. See also the screenshot below.

Net Disabler Cmd parameters

Supported Operating Systems: Windows 11 , Windows 10 , Windows 8.1 , Windows 8 , Windows 7 , Windows Vista – Windows XP (except Block with Windows Firewall feature) – both x86 and x64

Supported languages: English, Turkish , German , Russian , French , Polish , Spanish , Czech , Korean , Slovenian , Chinese (Simplified) , Chinese (Traditional) , Hebrew , Italian , Hungarian , Greek , Swedish , Arabic , Thai , Romanian , Portuguese (Brazilian), Japanese , Persian , Vietnamese ,Bulgarian , Dutch (Nederlands) , Ukrainian , Slovak

Eula license for our freware

File: NetDisabler_x64.exe │ Virustotal
MD5: ff17545676191d398aa9670149003946
SHA1: 47b2201b4cf88b9a9793cd06f60f31e51eff86a2

File: NetDisabler.exe │ Virustotal
MD5: 8eb35a2f79595bd8d6605fdd9b27d0f0
SHA1: 8cf041a775bb956e269255e466d3b8ea01c176e4



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