We were founded in 2004 (Berlin – Germany) , in that times I was a student in the Technical University of Berlin , I dont know Why but solve the computer problems make me relax (strange !!!) . In 2006 we have registered a domain name (www.sordum.org) and started writing articles here . when I was in Turkey (July 2009) I have noticed that youtube was banned there, then I have written a little vbs script to change the DNS settings , It was the first version of Dns Jumper , People loved it (except Turkish government) and our domain (sordum.com) have been banned from Turkey but In these times luckily we started to work together with Bluelife , Improved Dns Jumper and other sordum’s software
Our mission is : highest quality freeware development and simplify the computer usage , hosting downloads is expensive business and sites that directly link to us take away our visitors which means we can’t afford to keep them up. It’s pretty much theft , Please be careful on download pages and download sordum’s software only from the official website (sordum.org)