People use passwords to log in to email accounts, bank accounts, credit card accounts, online forums, social networking sites, and every other password-protected corner of the Internet. In order to remember and keep track of all the logins of their lives, a lot of people use the same one or two. These approaches to password security are very risky, because once thieves guess or otherwise gain access to one login, they can usually access many different pieces of victims’ information .At a time when millions of people become identity theft victims every year, a sober approach to password security and complexity is a big part of preventing identity theft. The very least you can do is make it difficult for others to guess (or find) your passwords.

This Online Password tool allows you to generate random passwords securely. You can customize the character set and choose Password Length

NOTE: All random passwords generated by this Tool are available on your local computer only. No passwords are transferred over the Internet.

You can also use Our portable freeware tool “Sordum Random Password Generator” to generate most secure passwords here is the Download Link

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