Simple VHD manager v1.0

Simple VHD Manager
A VHD is a large container file that simulates the file structure of a hard drive. Think of it as a fancy ZIP file, but without the compression. Because VHDs are single files and are most commonly used as

Easy Context menu v1.6

Easy context menu
Easy Context Menu enables you to add a variety of useful commands and tweaks for the Desktop, My Computer, Drives ,File and folder context menus. It helps in accessing most used windows components

Easy service optimizer v1.1

Easy service optimizer
All Windows versions loads many services at startup , most of them (Not all) are essential for the core system features . By disabling unnecessary services, the performance can be improved significantly

Dns Angel v1.4

Dns Angel
The Internet is so vast and uncensored that it is capable of plaguing the young minds if the parents do not play their role in making sure that the bad websites are being filtered and blocked ,if you

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