VHD For Context Menu v1.0

VHD For Context Menu
VHD (Virtual Hard Disk) native support was started with Windows 7 , You can create, attach, and detach a VHD image file either from Disk Management or through Diskpart dos command. . However, either way you will need to take a few steps to do the job , VHD for context menu is a portable freeware and simplify the process . The little tool adds two options, Attach and Detach to the file context menu or sendto menu and support VHD , VHDX and ISO files .

How to use :
1. Download and extract it , double click to run

VHD For Context Menu main

You have 3 options , a) you can add Attach- Detach to right click menu b) You can Add Attach- Detach to sendto menu c) you can add Attach with double click function ,

2. Select an Option , You can choose VHD , VHDX and ISO files if you use Non English windows you can rename “&Mount”, “&Unmount” , “VHD Mount” or “VHD Unmount” words whatever you want.

3. Use Install button to Apply the settings

VHD For Context Menu success message

when you want to mount or demount a VHD – VHDX or ISO file, simply browse to the folder and mouse over it, right-click/ double clik or use Sendto menu It’s just simply like that

Mount – Unmount for VHD – VHDX – ISO
VHD For Context Menu mount feature

Attach – Detach for Sendto
VHD For Context Menu right click menu

Supported operating systems: Windows 11 , Windows 10 , Windows 8.1 , Windows 8 , Windows 7 (x86 & x64)

Note: Windows 7 has no “VHDX” and “ISO Mount” support like Windows 8 and above.

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Updated : January 1, 2016
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